A customer of ours (who we’ve decided to leave anonymous) recently had some trouble with their LTL Acorn Trail Camera. By the looks of it when it was returned to us, it was lucky no one was near the camera when it exploded. Apparently the force of the explosion blew the camera clear off the tree!

How did this happen? Our customer had accidentally inserted eight 3.8v AA Batteries, more than doubling the required voltage for this camera.

AA batteries are 50mm tall and have a diameter of 14.5mm. Due to this standard size all AA batteries look the same, so confusion can arise on which batteries are best for certain applications. You can be forgiven for presuming that all AA batteries will offer the same performance – but this isn’t the case.

AA batteries come in many different types, from the original Zink Carbon and the standard Alkaline battery used for most low-to-average powered items to the newer Lithium and NiMH rechargeable batteries used for high-drain devices or devices that need to last for several years (like smoke detectors)

The majority single use batteries offer 1.5v, and the majority of rechargeable batteries offer 1.2v, so using up to 8 will be fine for devices rated at 12v – however some lithium batteries can have a voltage as high a 3.8v.

These high voltage batteries are not standard and the comparatively high cost reflects that. Lithium AA batteries are not usually rechargeable, but they do offer the longest single use of any battery type.


The burned out trail cam

The most cost effective batteries for most uses are NiMH rechargeable batteries. They can be used multiple times, can be used in low-drain and high-drain devices and have a long shelf-life when not in use. If you’re in doubt, call us on 01949 836 990 and we’ll help you find the best fit for your application.



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