Vehicle CCTV kits now available on SURE24's website

In April, Nottinghamshire based SURE Transport delivered an all in one CCTV kit. Having worked with many Tier 1 and 2 operators over the past few years, SURE Transport now offers a kit which is available to the public and relieves all of the stress involved in purchasing CCTV equipment. At affordable prices, SURE Transport now offers a 2 camera and a 4 camera kit which includes DVR, cameras, hard drives, SD cards and extension cables. 


If you are looking for a 2 camera system with a compact digital video recorder then use the link below. This kit comes with the MDVR4S which has the ability to record 4 cameras if the buyer chooses to increase the number of cameras in their vehicle in the future. The kit also comes with a 128gb SD card and multiple extension cables so that you are able to wire the cameras in your vehicle easily.

This kid it the 4 camera version of the one above. This will come with 4 compact cameras with a simple plug and play connector attached. The DVR is the MDVRS which is extremely compact yet very powerful. Again this kit comes with the 128gb SD card and extension cables.

The 3rd kit available is the MDVR4 digital video recorder. This DVR is a hard-drive version and is, therefore, a little chunkier however can hold more footage on the 1TB hard-drive that comes with it. You will get 4 cameras in this kit and again it will come with extension cables. This one packs a little more power so would be suitable for a small bus or coach as well as a van, taxi, car or emergency vehicle.

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